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About Us

This paranormal group offers terrifying ghost tours guided by "professional" paranormal investigators.  While there are other tours in Chicago that offer tours of either Ghosts or Gangsters, ours is unique because it combines both - Ghosts and Gangsters.  Our stories and evidence you will see and hear, are based on research. In addition, some photos, video and EVP presented on our tours were captured by past tour participants. 

  • So, do you enjoy visiting genuine,scary and paranormally active locations in and around Chicagoland?
  • Do you want to see, hear, and take home real evidence? We'll show you how. Then, share your evidence with friends, family or post for the whole world to see.
  • Want to learn how to ghost hunt like they do on T.V.?  We will show how to do that,too. 
  • If you said yes to these, then we're the  tour for you. call us now.