About our group

The West Chicago Paranormal Research and Investigations Society was founded in 2005 by Alexander Felix and Sara Roar. Alexander Felix is a co-founder of  We-Go Paranormal and lead investigator for Ghost Tours of Naperville and also host & owner of the Chicago Mob House and Haunted Gangster Tours. We-Go Paranormal is local Chicagoland area paranormal group that investigates local and state-wide hauntings and other paranormal phenomenon. If you are interested in the paranormal, or have experienced anything yourself, please tell us about it, or join our group.

Our Mission

The West Chicago Paranormal Research Society is dedicated to professional and scientific compilation of evidence of paranormal activity, ranging from intelligent hauntings to crypto-zoology. We strive to investigate thoroughly and objectively, seeking out all possible explanations before accepting evidence as supportive of paranormal activity. Formed in October 2005, we Implement and plan upcoming investigations, review evidence from previous investigations, and discuss equipment and methods for paranormal investigations, conduct educational classes.We don't charge for membership, but donations are appreciated to offset the cost of running it .We all joined by choice, and we're all here to meet fellow ghost hunters, so participate! If you remain inactive over two months, you may be removed from the group.​